Who Takes Our Tours?

Visit the Great Bear Rainforest with a Local First Nations Bear Viewing Operation

Spirit Bear Lodge has hosted people in Klemtu from all over the world. Our guests come from countries such as Britain, Germany, France, Ireland, Australia, Japan, the US and Canada.


A diverse background of clients such as bear and wildlife enthusiasts, professional and amateur photographers, wildlife biologists and people interested in an authentic cultural experience in the ancestral lands of a West Coast First Nation make each trip a wonderfully enlightening and educating experience, both for the clients and the staff.

Each person who has visited our village has had different motivations for visiting and taking an eco-cultural tour. Many of our guests come to see Grizzly Bear or the rare Spirit Bear, many come to rejuvenate their souls in the wilderness and solitude of the Great Bear Rainforest and some guests are here to learn more about the unique ecological and cultural knowledge has been passed down through the millennia by the Tsimshian people.

Some of the mental attributes of happy guests are a sense of wonder, a sense of adventure, patience and an understanding that wild creatures don't always move according to our schedules. As for physical attributes - our daily bearviewing adventures take us to hidden rivers and broad, braided estuaries. Trails can be overgrown, uneven and sometimes we make our own. Guests should be physically active and good mobility is essential for travel on the trails and for embarking and disembarking our vessels onto rocky shorelines and beaches. The rewards are often intimate encounters with some of nature's most charismatic creatures in some of nature's most awe-inspiring places. Join us at Spirit Bear Lodge.