Guest Testimonials

What our Guests Say about Spirit Bear Lodge Eco-Cultural Bear Viewing Tours

Spirit Bear Adventures Guests visiting pole"With so much exciting wildlife to be seen in such a spectacular wilderness, the Spirit Bear tour is quite easily one of the world's top eco-tourist packages."
Simon Birch
Environmental journalist for the Guardian + BBC Wildlife Magazine

“Klemtu and the Kitasoo/Xaixais Traditional Territory is a world class wilderness destination that must be experienced by all travellers.”
Dave Freeze – Kamloops, BC

“Visiting the Great Bear Rainforest was truly awesome. We can’t thank you enough. We honestly did not know what to expect because we had never considered this kind of vacation or tour before but our expectations were exceeded and then some. It was a truly energizing experience for my family and something I hope we can do again soon.”
Peter Blinkilde – Greenville, MN

“This trip is a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience. We toss around words like 'rainforest' and 'pristine' but until I saw it for myself, I had no idea what they meant. The Spirit Bear Lodge trip is the best way to experience the Great Bear Rainforest, from the expert guides, to the comfortable accommodation to the spectacular setting. I would recommend this trip to anyone."
Amy Katz – Toronto, ON

“I've never been anywhere like this in my life. The places we visited each day were magical and have left an indelible impression. I wanted to thank you for helping make my trip to the BC rainforest such a memorable experience. Consider yourself heartily thanked!”
Eski Thomas – London, England

“We remember our trip with great pleasure and have some great photos too. What a beautiful part of the world. Thanks.”
Ann Fisher-Wirth –Oxford, MI

“It was an awesome trip. I had such a magical feeling being in the forest creeping along bear trails and then seeing a Spirit Bear”.
Steve Watkins –Dinorwig, Wales