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Education Week in the Great Bear Rainforest


Spend your days discovering the Great Bear Rainforest and learning from our visiting experts as they share their passions with you. Kayak, hike, enjoy a shore lunch, search for wildlife and experience the culture of the Kitasoo/Xai'xais people.

JULY 27 -31, 2020



Jackie Hildering

Humpback Researcher and Director of Education and Communication with Marine Education and Research Society (MERS). Jackie will educate guests on the Humpbacks and other marine life of the Great Bear Sea.
Ken Wu

Ken has worked to protect the old growth forests of British Columbia for almost three decades and has worked as an environmental campaigner and biologist. he is the executive director of the Endangered Ecosystems Alliance. Ken has a wealth of knowledge relating to old growth forests, biodiversity and endangered ecosystems.
Aaron Blake Evans

Aaron Blake Evans is a professional who integrates archaeological and anthropological expertise on British Columbia’s cultural heritage resources. He has worked with indigenous communities on the BC coast, interior and in the southern Yukon for over 25 years. Blake success in cultural heritage boils down to an overarching gratitude for community, elders, ceremony, the natural grandeur of their territories and respect for their ancient cultural sites dating back millennia.




  • Spend each day out in the Great Bear Rainforest with a different expert
  • Get a deeper understanding of the Great Bear Rainforest with the educational travel experience
  • Visit historic cultural sites
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Kitasoo/Xai/xais Big House Tour
  • Evening Presentations by visiting experts


ADULT Double $3960 + GST per person
ADULT Single $5775 + GST
CHILD (12-16) $2480 + GST *
*Based on sharing a room with two adult double occupancy rate guests*



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Min Age: 12 years